What we did to build an 8-figure digital agency in record time.

Ian Bentley speaks on the one small tweak that made his agency more lucrative, scalable, and fun. Less of the nitty-gritty, and more automation at scale. Click the button below to watch his case study, and transform your agency too.
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90 days to freedom

Ready to abandon high-churn retainers, and build an agency based on automation?

If you’re an agency owner who wants to increase profits, reduce stress, and systemize your business to one day sell (if you ever want to) then you're in luck – I’m here to help.
This program will help you

Create growth

Never experience a month without forward progress, through systemised client acquisition, management and upscaling.

Eradicate stress

Concentrate on building and optimizing one campaign, and monetizing results, rather than a unique work for each client.

Build equity

Don’t let client churn dictate your agency valuation, build equity in a brand that grows on consumer confidence.

How our 90-day program works

Modules 1-3

Strategy, Mindset, and Branding for your PPR offer.

Work with Ian to set the foundations of your pay-per-result offer, from strategy mapping and mindset, through to selecting a niche, and building a consumer-facing brand.
Website Screenshot
Website Screenshot
Modules 4-6

Funnels, Follow-Up and Pitching for Client Acquisition.

Understand how to automate client attraction, conversion and onboarding using Ian’s proven templates and strategies. Bringing on new clients will never be a problem again.
Modules 7-9

Software, Systems, and Procedures for Lead Management and Distribution.

Construct an automated system for collecting, nurturing and distributing leads to clients at scale. Bring on new clients fast, without growth pains, or having to bring on more staff.
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Your agency is now scaling predictably without the headache of chasing clients.

Stories from agency owners who took action

"I started working with Ian and in about a 30 day sprint we surpassed our goals and went from $10k/mo to $100k/mo!"
Amon H
Agency owner
"You're certain to win. The only way you don't is if you quit or stop working with Ian Bentley."
Sean Marra
Agency owner
"I've spent tens of thousands on courses and this is by far the best I've taken. The content has paid for itself and some in the first couple weeks."
Chris Himel
Agency owner
"If you're tired of the retainer hamster wheel and you're trying to figure out how to build a durable, fun business that's more simple... definitely look at Pivot and Scale."
Agency owner
"It was a great experience. We really appreciate Ian and everything he did for us. And if you're looking for something like this there is no where else to look."
John C
Agency owner
"If you're looking for a place with a proven system and method all in one spot for you, then Ian's system has been great for me and it will be for you too."
Independent business owner

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